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Modern Day Israel

Israel and the Surrounding Region

Judea and Samaria


Old City of Jerusalem

Golan Heights

Terror Maps

1948-1967: Major Terror Attacks

1967-1993: Major Terror Attacks

1993-2000: Major Terror Attacks

2000-2006: Major Terror Attacks

Threats & Topography

Regional Threats to Israel

Samaria Cross-Section

Golan Heights Cross-Section

This page points out that the Golan Heights are strategically important for several reasons:

(a) Israeli presence in the Golan Heights provides a defensible border against invasion by land;

(b) All of northern Israel is within range of direct artillery fire from the Golan Heights;

(c) The Heights control the main water sources of the State of Israel.

Israel’s Narrow Waistline

Between 1949 and 1967, Israel was only nine miles wide at one point. Additionally, Israel was in the plains while Arab armies controlled the high ground.  Maps like this one demonstrate what a miracle it is that Israel has survived.

Comparisons (Charts & Graphs)

Area Comparison in square kilometers / miles

Population (in millions)

Population density (people per square kilometer / mile)

Gross National Product in billions of dollars (year 2000)

GNP per capita in dollars (year 2000)

Literacy rate (percentage of population)

Live birth rate (per 1000 people)

Armed Forces - Number of Soldiers

Weaponry Comparisons

Israel Size Comparisons (the size of Israel compared to various other countries)