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The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land (DAAHL) is an international project that brings together experts in information technology including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the archaeology of the Holy Land (modern Israel, Palestine, Jordan, southern Lebanon, Syria and the Sinai Peninsula) to create the first on-line digital atlas of the region.

Eye On Israel offers interactive maps of modern and historical Israel.  (Once at the website, click on Atlas to get to the historical maps.)

The Virtual Jewish Library offers lots of  maps of Israel and the Middle East–both historical and current.  Topics include:

Before the Common Era


Holocaust & World War II Maps

Islam and the Muslim World

Israel — General

Israel — War & Peace

Middle East — General

Palestinian Authority


Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents Israel’s Story in Maps (both online and downloadable):

Ancient Maps

The Kingdom of David and Solomon (1077-997 BCE)

The Herodian Period (30 BCE to 70 CE)

Jews in the Land of Israel (7th-11th Centuries)

Pre-State Maps

Setting the Southern Border (1906)

Setting the Northern Border (1916-1923)

British Mandate

Separation of Transjordan (1922)

UN Partition Plan (1947)

Israel’s Changing Borders


Armistice Lines (1949-1967)

The Frontier with Syria

Armistice Agreement with Jordan (1949)

Jewish Communities Lost in the War of Independence

Jerusalem Before the Six Day War  (1949-1967)

June 1967 - Six Day War

Events leading to the Six Day War (1967)

Israel After the Six Day War (June 10, 1967)

Jerusalem After the Six Day War (1967)

Old City of Jerusalem

October 1973 - Yom Kippur War

Yom Kippur War Cease-Fire Lines (October 24, 1973)

Golan Heights Cease-Fire Lines (October 1973)

Israel-Syria Disengagement Agreement (May 1974)

Peace with Egypt

Interim Agreement with Egypt (1975)

Peace Treaty with Egypt and Sinai Redeployment (1980-1982)