Myths and Facts Online is an online book that refutes the many lies that have been told about Israel over the years. It is just one of the many great resources available in the Virtual Jewish Library. 

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website contains a wealth of information about Israel, including a whole page of links to historical and modern maps, various links about current affairs, and much more.  Here are links to their various history pages:

Facts About Israel: History Israel’s 60th Anniversary Edition

HISTORY: Biblical Times “Jewish history began about 4,000 years ago (c. 17th century BCE) with the patriarchs - Abraham, his son Isaac, and grandson Jacob.”

HISTORY: Second Temple Period - Return to Zion “Following a decree by the Persian King Cyrus (538 BCE), 50,000 Jews set out on the first return to the Land of Israel.”

HISTORY: Foreign Domination “Roman rule was followed by centuries of domination by successive foreign powers: Byzantine, Arab, Crusaders, Mamluk, Ottoman and British”

HISTORY: The State of Israel “On 14 May 1948, Israel proclaimed its independence.”

HISTORY: The Peace Process “The Madrid Peace Conference (October 1991) brought together representatives of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Palestinians.”

Texts Concerning Zionism is a collection of classic historical documents, including Theodore Herzl’s The Jewish State.

The Israel Project (TIP), an international non-profit organization, provides journalists and leaders accurate Information about the Middle East. TIP is not related to any government or government agency.