Learn Hebrew

The Hebrew Alphabet Learning Program lets you play animated games to learn the Hebrew alphabet.

Shalom’s own Jim Becka teaches Hebrew online.  Start here.

Mechon-Mamre offers online and offline resources for learning Torah, including a Parallel Hebrew and English Bible, MP3 recordings of the chapters or books of the Hebrew Bible, and much more.

Hebrew4Christians offers many resources, including a section on Basic Biblical Hebrew Grammar.

The Ancient Hebrew Research Center website is dedicated to “Teaching the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Language of the Bible through the Study of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet, Culture and Philosophy.” You can start learning Biblical Hebrew here.

Say it in Hebrew is a modern Hebrew phrasebook on the Israel Government Portal.

Learn-Hebrew-co.il is a Hebrew vocabulary website offering 46 topics with over 1700 Hebrew words and phrases.  For each word and phrase you can find a transcription and translation and hear the correct pronunciation.

Hebrew Tutorial from Foundation Stone (in PDF format),