“Jewish people do not believe in human sacrifice.”

Followers of Jesus do not believe in this either. We as human beings have no right to sacrifice another human being for our sins. Only God has the absolute right to give life and take it away. Because the penalty for sin is death, God in His great mercy provided His own sacrifice to pay for the sins of the world (see Ezek. 18:4). His own Son willingly suffered the death penalty for us.

It is the absolutely clear teaching of Isaiah 53 that God would place the punishment due to His people upon an innocent and righteous sufferer who would die for Israel’s sins. This prophecy was fulfilled by Jesus the Messiah.

Author: Dr. Michael Brown, as published in Sid Roth’s book, There Must Be Something More! (Brunswick, GA: Messianic Vision Press, 1994; Kindle Edition ©2009). Used by permission.